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Seating Matters Monaco Assist Chair


Built on the foundations of the Monaco™, the Monaco Riser™ has been designed to support those requiring assistance to transfer from the chair.

The Monaco Riser™ is ideal for users with reduced mobility or sitting balance who require comfort and support without compromising independence in transfers and function.

Its unique angle adjustable seat creates an optimum and safe sitting position when adjusted posteriorly. Additionally to the posterior angle adjustment, the seat base will also rise upwards which will provide support to perform a standing transfer.

It reduces sliding, discomfort and shear as it helps to maintain positioning of the pelvis.  It can also be adjusted to assist with stand transfers and independent ambulation, making it a multi functional comfort chair.

Along with the features included in the Monaco™, the Monaco Riser™ is designed to facilitate a stand transfer from the chair using the powered rising seat function.

This powered seat angle adjustment and back angle recline is controlled using the handset which supports patient independence in the use of this feature.

When adjusted posteriorly, the angle adjustable seat will create a safe sitting position and reduce the effects of sliding from the chair.  This reduces exposure to shearing forces and will improve pressure management as well as stabilise posture.

Effective for adults with the following disabilities & conditions:
  • Minor stroke
  • Pelvic and lower limb fractures
  • Reduced mobility
  • Poor sitting balance
  • Lower limb swelling and oedema
  • Post operative rehab needs
  • Postural problems
  • Pressure management needs
Effective in seating clients who:
  • Require support to perform a sit-stand transfer from the chair
  • Continually slide from chairs
  • Need assistance with mobility
  • Have flexible joint contractures
  • Are at risk of pressure ulcers
  • Have oedema or swelling in the lower limbs
  • Have tight hamstrings
Specification: Seat Width (mm): 380 / 450 / 500 / 550 / 600
Overall Width (mm): 635 / 690 / 740 / 790
Overall Height (mm): 1205
Back Height (mm): 860
Seat to Floor Height (mm): 380 - 500
Inside Back Width (mm): 505
Chair Length (mm): 870
Reclined Length (mm): 1090
Arm Height (mm): Low - 180 / High - 210
Colours - Vinyl Range:
Riviera Menton
Ocean Blue
Grape Purple
Cobalt Black
Taurus Cream

Seating Matters Monaco Assist Chair

Seating Matters Monaco Assist Chair - Backrest Down






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