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Injury Prevention Program

Pressure ulcers continue to be a problem in all healthcare sectors and affect 1 in 5 of all patients across the acute care, long term care and home care environments. Our colleagues at Seating Matters have launched the 'Seating Matters Injury Prevention Program' designed to help healthcare professionals reduce the occurrence of pressure injuries in their establishments. The program aims to address the issues frequently present in facilities by taking staff through series of steps and initiatives which will ultimately enable patients to enjoy the benefits of specialist seating.


The Critical Issue of Our Time

Despite ongoing research and advanced clinical skill levels, pressure injuries still affect a large number of patients...


22 of every 100 patients will have a pressure injury2


13 will die within one year3


11 of these lives could be saved through this program¹


The Cost of Treatment

Pressure injuries cause immense suffering and pain for individuals and decrease the quality of their lives. There are also significant financial costs to the healthcare system...


The average length of stay for patients with hospital acquired pressure injuries is 6.4 days longer5


The majority of money for the treatment of pressure injuries is spent on nursing time


Settlements costs associated with legal cases for medical malpractice for pressure injury development average $250,0006


This program will reduce hospital stays and the number of patient deaths.



Cost Benefit Analysis

Seating Matters are so confident that your organisation will see significant cost savings as part of this program that they cover the cost of capital investment in providing the therapeutic seating.  The Program will cost only a small percentage of the cost of treating pressure injuries and so the cost will be easily offset by the the reduction in pressure injury occurrence...


No Capital Expenditure


Low affordable, regular payments


Save money from your operational budgets


Saving opportunity of 1.6%-2.4% of a health systems budget


This program is self funding and the savings will far outweigh the investment.


The Injury Prevention Program

The Injury Prevention Program™ is a managed service designed to replicate the significant results from the Ulster University clinical trial in your facility, including a reduction in pressure injuries by 88%.  Translating these results into measurable benefits for healthcare systems and patients.  

This program aims to address issues frequently present in facilites, evident from pressure injury rates which remain high across healthcare settings, by implementing the following 6 steps to success:

  1. Provision of Therapeutic Seating
  2. Clinical Seating Audit
  3. Clinical Training
  4. Technical Services
  5. Technical Training
  6. Reporting Services

Through an on-going program of support, education, training and audits by a Seating Specialist, the Injury Prevention Program™ is designed to facilitate a 24-hour solution to pressure management. We aim to instill a long-term change in culture and help in a significant reduction in pressure injuries.

Find out more by downloading a copy of the 'Seating Matters Injury Prevention Program' brochure by clicking on the image opposite.  


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