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Whether you have a manual wheelchair or a powered wheelchair, here are some top tips on care and maintenance from our resident wheelchair expert, Andy Drummond.


Manual and powered wheelchairs


  1. To keep your chair in good running order, clean and lubricate your castor wheels every month. 
  2. If your brakes don’t work, check your tyre pressure. 
  3. If you use your chair or scooter every day, then charge the batteries every night.  
  4. Once a month, try to charge the battery for 24 hrs. 
  5. If you’re not using your chair or scooter regularly, charge it at least once a month, and then before you use it again. 
  6. If your tyres are directional, i.e., marathon plus evolution, make sure they are fitted the correct way. 
  7. Have your chair professionally serviced once a year. 
  8. If your wheelchair is a folding model, never lift it by the armrests or footrests, particularly if they are removable. 
  9. When opening out a folding wheelchair, ensure it is fully opened onto the frame locaters. 
  10. When storing a wheelchair with solid tyres, try to avoid leaving the brakes on as this can cause flat spots on the tyres. 


For more information and advice on wheelchairs, please get in touch by calling 0113 2628000 or by completing the contact form below.

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