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Ottobock Powered Wheelchairs

We supply a range of powered wheelchairs from Ottobock including indoor-outdoor electric wheelchairs and outdoor-indoors powerchairs.


Ottobock Adult's Powered Wheelchairs


Ottobock A200 Power Wheelchair

Ottobock A200 Powered Wheelchair


Ottobock Wingus Power Wheelchair

Ottobock Wingus Powered Wheelchair


Ottobock Juvo B4 Power Wheelchair

Ottobock Juvo B4 Powered Wheelchair


Ottobock Juvo B5/B6 Power Wheelchair

Ottobock Juvo B5/B6 Powered Wheelchair



Ottobock Children's Powered Wheelchairs


Ottobock Skippi Power Wheelchair

Ottobock Skippi Powered Wheelchair




Our website lists a small proportion of the specialist healthcare equipment and mobility products that we can supply. Should you not find what you are looking for or you would like some help or advice on the most suitable products for your clients' needs, please get in touch.

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