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Independence Mobility helped spinal injury client to regain independence with powered wheelchair expertise

In November 2019, an accident left fun-loving grandfather Tony with life-changing injuries. A break to his neck resulted in permanent spinal damage that would mean spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Following his accident and a period in hospital, Tony then moved to STEPS Rehabilitation Centre in Sheffield. Here, a robust schedule of treatment helped him to continue his recovery before eventually returning home. 


The journey to regaining independence 

Whilst in the care of the STEPS team, Tony and his family needed to source a wheelchair that would give him some valuable independence. STEPS introduced Tony’s family to Independence Mobility who they’d worked with many times before. 

Wasting no time, Independence Mobility’s wheelchair specialist, Andrew Drummond, quickly went to visit Tony at the rehabilitation centre to assess his specific needs. To help Tony benefit from a wheelchair as quickly as possible, Andrew also took along a variety of powered wheelchairs that the company had available to rent and that Andrew thought would be suitable. Tony was able to test-drive the rental chairs around the centre and, after discussion with Andrew, a Quickie Q300 was chosen. 


Assessing the benefits of a powered wheelchair 

After using the Q300 powerchair for a few weeks, Tony knew it was the model for him. As well as offering superb performance, the chair is incredibly narrow, ensuring agility and effortless manoeuvrability indoors as well as out. This is complemented by the chairs intuitive control system – the advanced joystick was easy for Tony to use with the limited mobility he has in his hands. 

Tony also particularly liked the Q300’s C-ME functionality which enables the seat to be raised up by 300mm. This means that he’ll be able to elevate up and be shoulder-to-shoulder with his friends and family when he meets them, and something he’s looking forward to being able to do when he eventually returns to the bar! 


Continued support from Independence Mobility 

Following delivery of the brand-new powered wheelchair, which Tony’s amazing family and friends helped to fund, Independence Mobility stepped in again to provide after-sales support. The team supplied and fitted some elevated leg rests to help manage Tony’s Oedema, and they also fixed a minor issue with one of the lights. 

Tony was delighted with the support he received from Independence Mobility, alongside the team at STEPS Rehabilitation Centre. He said,


“Andrew and his team at Independence Mobility have been exceptionally professional in providing and fitting my power chair. Through Andrew’s knowledge and kind perseverance, my chair is perfect for me, allowing me my independence and my grandchildren a thrill in riding along with me. I cannot recommend Independence Mobility enough and will always appreciate Andrew’s friendship.” 

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