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We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Sorrento 2 and Phoenix 2 clinical, therapeutic chairs from Seating Matters.


Incorporating caregiver, clinical and patient feedback, Sorrento 2 and Phoenix 2 have been engineered to offer the highest levels of clinical support for patients while offering caregivers an enhanced user experience when caring for their patients.

Both models include significant upgrades in adjustability and configuration, to ensure that caregivers can easily configure the chair to maximise patient clinical wellbeing and comfort.

Improved features include:

  • Higher elevating and extending leg rest – for improved pressure loading
  • Incorporates both 30 and 45 degree tilt in space options – offers enhanced options in repositioning and pressure loading
  • Adjustable seat width – enables more accurate patient positioning and accommodates body shape changes
  • Adjustable back height – for a wider range of patients without bespoke adaptations
  • Tool-less seat depth adjustability – allows for the correct patient positioning in chair
  • Arm height adjustability – helps achieve correct postural position
  • Stand aid compatibility – for simple, safe and effective stand transfers
  • Configurable backs – switch between waterfall and lateral backs for most appropriate postural support
  • Independent shoulder and lateral head adjustment (Phoenix 2) – enables more specific adjustment for kyphotic patients
  • Simple to adjust wings and shoulders (Phoenix 2)– easier for care givers to achieve correct patient positioning
  • Narrower head support (Phoenix 2) – promotes better head position based on anthropometric data

As sole supplier of Seating Matters chairs for the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions, we are able to offer the Phoenix 2 and Sorrento 2 to customers in our area.


Demonstrations are available to book now. Call us on 0113 262 8000 or email

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