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Electro Pressure Reliever Adjustable Bed


The Pressure Reliever Adjustable bed is designed to give you lasting support and comfort night after night. A mattress that reduces pressure! Combining the essential materials, memory foam and reflex, the Pressure Reliever provides a superior and consistent support to suit everyone.

The memory foam has desirable qualities of being both energy absorbing and temperature sensitive. The memory foam responds to natural body heat and moulds to your body shape to give you all the support you require. The memory foam will spread the weight so you are subject to the least possible pressure when sleeping providing comfort and relief to joints and muscles. Therefore a choice ensuring everyone is comfortable with total support where it is needed the most.

Range: Part of the Bodyease Collection
  • Breathable maxi cool soft touch fabric
  • Micro-quilted cover
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-turn mattress
  • Layer of 50mm memory foam & layer of reflex
  • Massage system in mattress & slatted base massage system available
  • Selection of matching headboards
  • Massage system in mattress
  • Slatted base massage system
  • Draw options
  • Additional base combinations


  • Layer of 50mm memory foam
  • Layer of reflex
  • Breathable maxi cool soft touch fabric
  • Micro-quilted cover
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-turn mattress


  • All sides solid board construction
  • Cushioned base
  • Twin castors (standard)
  • Five part adjustable frame
  • Motion Technology 2 motor system (CE Certified)
  • 6 button low voltage deluxe handset
  • Selection of base fabrics and colours

Chenille Range: Silver, Black, Cream, Tan, Brown, Beige

Suede: Charcoal, Biscuit, Caramel

Pu Leather: White, Brown, Black Pu

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