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Empulse R20 Push-Assist


With the Empulse R20 powerpack it has never been so easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair.

With a 4.5kg total transport weight and unique folding function, the R20 is ideal for storage and transport, without having to compromise on performance and durability. The R20 is also incredibly easy to use, with a push to go control, two peg mounting and easy to read display.

The R20 is the only powerpack on the market that can be folded with the wheelchair. This unique feature means you no longer have to connect and disconnect every time you transport or store the wheelchair.

The light weight of the R20 and the stylish backpack allows easy handling, easy transport & also easy adaptation to nearly any wheelchair.

Despite it's lightweight nature and compact appearance, there is no compromise on performance. The R20 can achieve a 9 mile range, as well as having the ability to climb 5cm kerbs and 10 degree slopes.  It will also cater for users up to 170kg in weight (190kg total including the wheelchair), which means the R20 is a product that works for all.

  • Unique folding function
  • Lighweight
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable


Seat Width: 320 – 600 mm
Speed Choices: 5 km/h (adjustable in three steps: 2/3.7/5 km/h)
Max Range: 15 km
Weight (without batteries): 3 kg (motor and brackets)
Total Weight: 3 - 4.5 kg (excl. / incl. battery)
Maximum User Weight (Kg): 190 kg (Load: User & Wheelchair)


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