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Invacare The KSL Manual Wheelchair


The KSL (Küschall Super Light) is the lightest model in the range, specifically designed for the highly experienced who know their exact position. With minor adjustments in the footrest and backrest upholstery, the result is a fully welded, incredibly lightweight, high performance rigid wheelchair weighing just 4.3kg in its lightest configuration.

The KSL is built to the highest quality with new lightweight aluminium hydroformed frames in various styles. Offering a wide range of configuration possibilities, options and accessories, The KSL can be built and customised to your exact requirements, allowing you to express your own individual style and personality.

  • Hydroformed front frame - Providing ergonomic grip, ideal for repositioning and transfers, with a choice of 75° or 90° frame angles.
  • Light active brake - The new aluminium brake, with a minimalist design, brings lightness to unprecedented levels. 
  • Carbon axle - Structured carbon components to optimise weight reduction and driving performance.
  • Titanium footplate - The KSL can also be customised with a Titanium footrest to offer significant weight reduction and increased durability.


Specification: Seat Width: 340 – 440 mm
Seat Depth: 385 – 485 mm
Seat Height: front: 450 – 530 mm
rear: 400 – 480 mm
in increments of 10 mm
Backrest Height: 270– 420 mm
in increments of 15 mm
Knee to Heel Length: 350 - 500 mm
in increments of 10 mm
Centre of Gravity: 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140
Backrest Angle: 74° / 78° / 82° / 86° /90°
Total Width: SW + 170 mm
Total Length: 75°: approx. 800 mm
90°: approx. 730 mm
Total Weight Unloaded: approx. 6.8 kg
Maximum User Weight: 100 kg
Transport Weight: approx. 4.3 kg


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