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Ki Mobility Little Wave Clik Manual Wheelchair


Little Wave Clik by Ki Mobility is an intuitive wheelchair that evolves and grows with the user.

Little Wave Clik offers an adjustment system which is designed to provide accurate and easy growth options. The Clik employs a proprietary Index System which effortlessly indexes and aligns as you adjust the wheelchair, therefore supporting proper positioning of the user. This straightforward system also promotes wheel access so the user can gain the active independence and mobility they want.

Features & Benefits:
  • Most built in adjustments of any wheelchair available including seat height, width and depth, centre of gravity, caster wing position, seat upholstery and seat pans.
  • Easy adjustment via the Index System which uses "dimples" to make adjusting the chair more time efficient and easier.
  • Adjustable, dynamic 5th wheel option maintains security and stability by allowing the user to adjust range and spring rate when moving in space.
  • Replaceable cross tube increases the chair’s rigidity and makes it easier to push.
  • Compound offset frames ensure the user has the fit they need and also provide more space for abducted positioning, AFOs and braces.
  • Unique swing-away armrest option is integrated into the backrest for easy growth and allows for independent angle adjustment.
Frame Colours:
  • Purple
  • Bright Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Pewter


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