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Leg Calipers - Small


The Leg Calipers - Small provide the rider with support for the lower leg. These supports can only be used in conjuction with the Footsandal Supports. The Padded Cuff fits around the lower leg below the knee and is held in place with a velcro fastening. This support is attached to a height adjustable stem which is secured to a mounting bracket. 

The Padded Cuff holds the lower leg firmly in place preventing the leg pulling inwards or falling outwards. The Leg Caliper also provides control for the ankle of the rider and helps to prevent a toe down pedalling action.

Who is it for? Leg Calipers - Small are intended for very young riders.
What types of cycle can this be fitted onto? This support is best used on the IMP tricycle.

Internal Width of Leg Caliper Cuff - 8.5cm (3 1/4") 

External Width of Leg Caliper Cuff - 13cm (5") 

Maximum Height to the top of Leg Caliper Cuff - 25cm (10")

Compatible with:
  • Footsandals - c/w Pulley Small
  • Footsandals - Small




Leg Calipers - Small



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