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Vicair Twin O2 Pressure Cushion


The Vicair Twin O2 is a pressure cushion used in wheelchairs and static seating. Filled with Vicair SmartCells, these little pockets of air are captured in anti-friction material to prevent shear forces. The design is made up of an adjustable front and rear compartment, which helps prevent sliding forward and distributes pressure evenly. The perforated Twin O2 seat cushion allows you to fully machine wash the cushion without neediing to remove the SmartCells as well as being more breathable.

  • Two compartment layout limits sliding
  • Comfortable 
  • Can be used as a community chair cushion
Sizes & Weight Limit: Cushion Height: 6 and 10 cm
Average Weight: 650 - 935 grams
Max. User Weight: 250 kg
Machine Washable: 60°C max
Cushion Sizes: A range of sizes available - see brochure


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