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Over the last 2 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a growing love of the great outdoors. Space, fresh air, freedom, the calming effects of nature…being outdoors really is good for the soul. 

But for wheelchair users, accessing the beautiful, rugged landscapes that the UK has to offer, can be a real challenge. But not anymore thanks to the Magic Mobility Magic 360 all-terrain powerchair! 


Magic Mobility Magic Mobility All-Terrain Powerchair


Tested in the Australian outback 

This revolutionary off-road powered wheelchair was designed in Australia and rigorously tested in the Australian outback. It’s powerful, rugged and durable, with powerful 800W motors delivering 68nm of torque that can tackle any obstacles that stand in your way. 

73Ah batteries also ensure that your adventures keep going for as long as you want them to, and innovative Magic suspension delivers the best traction on the market whilst keeping you stable and comfortable…even on the roughest of terrains. 


The perfect combination of indoor and outdoor performance 

Not only is the Magic 360 all-terrain powered wheelchair a force to be reckoned with outdoors, but it also boasts fantastic performance indoors! 

At only 610mm wide and 1160mm long, the Magic 360 is as compact as other mid wheel drive chairs on the market, and more than capable of navigating the narrowest of indoor environments. It’s 1230mm turning circle also makes manoeuvring in lifts, corridors, and kitchens as easy as pie. 


Kids and adult’s wheelchair seating 

The Magic Mobility Magic 360 also delivers on seating.  

Its seating system can cope with harsh outdoor environments as well as the everyday postural and lifestyle needs of wheelchair users. It also grows from 12”-22” making it perfect for kids and adults alike. 


Available from Independence Mobility 

Here at Independence Mobility, we’re delighted to now be able to offer the Magic Mobility Magic 360 off-road powerchair to our customers.  

Our experienced team of mobility advisers have been fully trained on the features and benefits of the Magic 360 all-terrain wheelchair and are available to carry out wheelchair assessments to ensure the best mobility equipment solution is provided for individual needs.  


Want to know more about the Magic Mobility Magic 360 all-terrain powerchair? Visit our website here. Or to speak to our team and arrange an assessment, call 0113 262800

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