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CoMoveIt Smart head-foot wheelchair steering system


We’re excited to introduce the CoMoveIT Smart head-foot steering system to the Independence Mobility range of specialist healthcare equipment.


This revolutionary system has been specially designed for people with severe disabilities and complex movement disorders, such as cerebral palsy, quadriplegic spasticity, dystonia and/or choreoathetosis, who are not able to steer a powered wheelchair with a conventional navigation system.

Steering is activated through hi-tech sensors, mounted in head or foot panels that are attached to the back of the wheelchair. By simply leaning or pushing against the panels, the user can independently travel to where they want to go.

Additionally, the clever system continues to refine itself the more that it’s used, automatically calibrating itself to movements and continually adapting itself which provides an increasingly smoother drive.

The CoMoveIT Smart system also offers flexibility in its configuration. Depending on a user’s abilities and capabilities, different combinations of head and foot panels can be specified to control direction of travel. Or the system can be setup to be controlled by head movements only.


To see the CoMoveIT Smart in action, click here to watch our MD Anthony test-driving the system at a launch event hosted by Dietz Mobility UK.


To learn more and download the CoMoveIT Smart brochure, visit our website here.


To book a demonstration, contact our team on 0113 2628000.

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